the communications
landscape has evolved.




We leverage our experience to keep you on the right side of change.

what we do

Guidepost is a strategic communications firm. We help clients save time and money by optimizing communications on difficult files, in turn mitigating problems and increasing the likelihood of success. Our specialty is helping busy executives, communications departments and HR leaders ensure that things go right on major initiatives. We integrate seamlessly with our clients’ internal teams to deliver reliable extra capacity and specialized expertise. Learn more about the challenges we solve.

who we help

We work with executive leaders, communications departments and HR directors in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors – people whose own success hinges on everything going right. We generally work with large/complex organizations, but we appreciate the opportunity to work with anyone passionate about raising the bar for internal and external communications. 

What we know

We know from experience that public (and employee) expectations for transparency, responsiveness and inclusion have shifted. We know that “PR” has largely been supplanted by an expectation for meaningful dialogue and often, participation. We know this shift has been accelerated by always-on communications platforms, but that expectations for offline and in-person communication have grown as well. We’ve watched as this changing landscape has placed a tremendous and growing demand on communications departments, HR leaders and executives. In an era where timelines are tighter yet scrutiny is greater than ever, we value our role of helping organizations adapt and thrive under the new rules of communications.

david leibl | principal


Guidepost is led by David Leibl, a trusted advisor to some of Manitoba and Ontario’s most influential decision-makers. A strategic thinker with a proven ability to navigate high-stakes challenges, David has delivered communications counsel to numerous CEOs, cabinet ministers, communications departments and community leaders. David has helped guide organizations through numerous high-profile issues, including major capital projects, corporate restructurings, legislative and regulatory changes, acquisitions, media crises and disasters. David has crafted communications strategies, speeches, policy briefs, talking points and media materials for organizations of all sizes. In addition to providing communications support to his clients, David instructs as time allows in the University of Winnipeg’s professional and applied program.

Even better with Blueprint

Communications challenges are rarely isolated, which is why Guidepost works in direct collaboration with our partner firm, Blueprint Inc. Blueprint strategists are recognized leaders in public engagement, strategic planning, stakeholder and government relations, and law.

Guidepost and Blueprint work under the same roof to ensure we can leverage the right people, perspective and guidance for every challenge.