Welcome to Guidepost Advisor!


Welcome to Guidepost Advisor!

By David Leibl

What’s Guidepost Advisor?

Guidepost Advisor is a (roughly) twice-monthly blog written by me, Guidepost principal David Leibl. You can read the blog on our website or subscribe to get it delivered to your inbox along with some other occasional tips and insights.

Who’s it for?

Communications professionals, HR people who handle communications with employees, and leaders who either have to manage change or are interested in communications best practices. I try to write new posts with both my clients and my communications students in mind.

What can I expect to read about?

The short version: Practical advice to better navigate the changing communications landscape.

The slightly longer version: We live in an age of distraction and an age of increasing polarization and distrust. Today, effective communication is communication that earns trust, demonstrates transparency, finds resonance among competing messages and engages on a human level. Effective communication is also underpinned by good strategy that balances the objectives of an organization with the expectations and needs of the people it’s trying to reach.

As we say elsewhere on this site:

We’ve watched as this changing landscape has placed a tremendous and growing demand on communications departments, HR leaders and executives. In an era where timelines are tighter yet scrutiny is greater than ever, we value our role of helping organizations adapt and thrive under the new rules of communications.

The Guidepost Advisor blog is a place where I can share insight, best practices and real-world mistakes and successes. I hope you find it of value. 

David Leibl