High-stakes/major project communications


When it comes to major projects or major change, better communication invariably leads to better outcomes. We help organizations move internal and external projects forward without the unnecessary delays and roadblocks that arise from inadequate communication.

It’s our experience that major projects are most often derailed by communications plans that don’t fully account for potential risk or the expectations of those likely to be affected. We leverage our experience on high-profile, highly scrutinized projects to help clients avoid common mistakes and instead ensure that major undertakings stay on track.

We do our best work when we’re engaged at project outset to ensure communications strategies can directly support an organization’s broader objectives. When that’s not possible we can assist with specific or unanticipated challenges as they arise.

In all instances we integrate ourselves seamlessly with your team (instead of trying to command it) so you feel capably supported but still in control. You’ll also have access to public engagement and stakeholder relations supports offered by our partner firm for projects that require it.